Dungeon World

The Order of the Soul-Less One

Session 2 (of 8) Recap

Previously in Dungeon World…

  • Sour’Mon turned into a red liquid and took over body of his henchmen
  • Two of the henchmen wielded blades (longswords) crafted from Elven and Dwarven smiths
  • Brandon and Dra’Ko are now wielding the longswords
  • Gilgamesh turned Sour’Mon invisible and he fled
  • Brandon is tracking him (rolled a 10+; track until tracks change)
  • Mordecai found a simple ring of blue tint glow in the pit
  • Mordecai put ring on and fused itself onto him causing agonizing pain
  • Dra’Ko severed Mordecai’s finger off with the new blade
  • Jack found a large brass key with a ring and a scroll inside a bone case
  • Gilgamesh deciphered the scroll; mention of The Order of the Soul-Less One
  • The cult is somehow connected to Gigamesh’s parents history


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